Lucky 14

February 14, 2012

On this February 14, we ask, what's not to love about David "Big Papi" Ortiz? The big slugger is one of the few remaining members of the Red Sox team that finally brought home the World Series trophy, thrilling generations of frustrated fans. When he steps to the plate, we all hold our breath, hoping for another big clout and a gentle trot around the bases. It never gets old. Best of all, he's not Derek Jeter, or like any other sports star who wouldn't know humility if it beaned him.

But $14 million? More specifically, $14.575 million? For a year? That's what Ortiz's new ONE YEAR contract is reportedly worth. While other teams gamble $14 million on multi-year contracts with younger players who may produce winning seasons, signing 36-year-old Ortiz for $14 million is a little riskier. Coco Crisp is also worth $14 million – but he will have to play two seasons to collect it.

What is this sight worth to you?

It made us ponder what $14 million means to different people.

Today, another player is in the news with $14 million attached to her name: it's the net worth of Elizabeth Warren, who has her eyes on Scott Brown's senate seat. Somehow, the sum is a negative when applied to Warren, but a positive when it was Republican Mitt Romney's quarterly fundraising total.

That figure is enough for Ortiz to give $1 to every unemployed person in the country.

It's the budget for a big show by Shaggy and Friends that was to benefit a hospital in Jamaica.

It's the amount a thermoelectric company needed to develop new technology for capturing heat from various sources and turning it into energy.

Remember the song “Do They Know It's Christmas” released by Bob Geldorf in 1984 to aid African famine victims? It was the best-selling single in the United Kingdom and brought $14 million to those suffering.

Somehow, $14 million wasn't enough to get the U.S. Senate to support the recent anti-piracy law; Hollywood interests allegedly contributed that dollar figure to get the legislation passed. It didn't.

It's seed money to create a new web-based company that hopes to rival Craigslist under the tutelage of Meg Whitman, former eBay leader.

Barnes and Noble thought $14 million was a bargain-basement price for the database of Borders customers (and our contact and shopping information) that they bought at auction when the rival bookstore folded.

It is a record selling price for a single home in Manhattan: a two-bedroom penthouse with 23-foot windows overlooking Central Park.

And, if you crunch the numbers this way,  $14 million is the value that rookie point guard brings to the New York Knicks.


Published: Feb. 14, 2012

Author: Allison O'Leary Murray


Word Count: 438

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